Quaker Meeting for Worship

Sundays at 11:00 except second Saturday of the month. Details...

Circles of Silence in Congénies

First Friday of each month, 11:30-12:30 in the village square. Details...

Heritage Days Open House

Weekend in mid-September when important historical and cultural buildings are open to the public, including the Centre Quaker.

An opportunity for artists to get together in the south of France for creating and camaraderie with other artists.

Language of Programme: English 

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2019 Artist Retreats 
at the Quaker Centre de Congenies in the South of France  
Friday 10 May to Monday 20 May And
Friday 20 September to Monday 30 September

We invite artists (professional or amateur) to join us for 6-10 days of creating and camaraderie in the south of France. All are welcome, Friends and friends.

Transportation will be provided to nearby venues to paint in addition to working space in the centre and the Maison Quaker garden.  There will be a facilitator from Saturday evening to Friday morning (in September--Sunday to Saturday). The other 4 days are optional and can be used for continuing projects or sightseeing.

The programme cost will be 695€ (575€ for shared occupancy) and includes 6 nights’ accommodation, all meals and transportation to local painting spots. Additional days are 92€ (68€ shared) per day. See flyer for more detailed information.

To register, contact Judy or Marie at centre.quaker.congenies @ gmail.com.

English Language Program

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Maison Quaker
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For bookings:

Please contact the resident Friends at
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Clerk Languedoc Meeting

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