Quaker Meeting for Worship

Sundays at 11:00 except second Saturday of the month. Details...

Circles of Silence in Congénies

First Friday of each month, 11:30-12:30 in the village square. Details...

Heritage Days Open House

Weekend in mid-September when important historical and cultural buildings are open to the public, including the Centre Quaker.



Vineyards & Villages by Vélo!

The area around Congenies is super for cycling! Judy and Dave, the amis-residents, lead biking tours through back roads and pathways. By the day or we can plan a cycling holiday week for you and your friends.

Also -ask about our self-guided driving tours:

-Ponts du Midi

-Couleurs de la Provence

More information coming soon: A Couple Enrichment Workshop is an opportunity for a couple to celebrate their relationship, enhance communication skills, and deepen their appreciation of each other.

English Language Program


It is not therapy, but a way to make good relationships even better. The workshop creates a safe and comfortable community, where each couple has the time and space to focus on each other. The program is not confrontational, and the ground rules assure safety and comfort for all participants. There will also be time for worship, rest, and recreation.

Who are the Leaders? Jacob and Gretta Stone will facilitate this weekend. Both have been certified by Friends General Conference as Couple Enrichment leaders and are longtime members of Doylestown Friends Meeting.

Who can participate? The workshop is open to any couple in a committed relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or religious affiliation.


Maison Quaker
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Françoise Tomlin
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For bookings:

Please contact the resident Friends at
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Clerk Languedoc Meeting

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