cercle-de-silenceSince 2007 the movement Cercles de Silence has grown up in France to bring together all kinds of people who want to witness against the systematic detention of refugees and unregistered immigrants in Centres de Rétention Administrative (CRA) and in many cases their forced explusion frm France, often to countries where they risk ill-treatment.  

Through silence, participants express their disapproval in a non-violent demonstration which allows them both to listen to their own consciences and to appeal to the conscience of fellow-citizens.

panneauSuch Cercles de Silence are also motivated by the conviction that there are better ways than detention of dealing with foreigners including those who have not yet obtained thé right to stay in France.  Each person’s dignity has to be respected.  Circles exist at present in more than 180 French towns including Alès and Nîmes, usually once a month. 

For several years, inhabitants of Congénies and area, of different faiths (or none) have gathered in this way  for an hour – to walk or stand in a circle – you can sit if you need to.

We meet on the first Friday of each month  from 11:30 to 12:30, in the village square, the Place du Jeu de Paume.  Please arrive around 11:15 if possible

Please ring 04 66 35 27 16 for more information.


Maison Quaker
11 avenue des Quakers
30111 Congénies


For bookings:

Please contact the resident Friends at
+33 (0)4 66 71 46 41
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