Quaker Meeting for Worship

Sundays at 11:00 except second Saturday of the month. Details...

Heritage Days Open House

Weekend in mid-September when important historical and cultural buildings are open to the public, including the Centre Quaker.


To download a printable flyer, in English, about our creative events for 2021 please click this link


We invite you to come and create art in a range of ways in the company of others.

Language of Programme: English 

 We invite you to join us for 6-10 days  to create art using a range of 2D media. Our retreat is inclusive: it is suitable for all levels of experience from the beginner to the accomplished artist. Kate, our facilitator, has lots of experience of working  with diverse groups of people and will encourage you to explore as your interest takes you. The retreat includes the chance to visit some inspiring locations to paint, draw or photograph with the group, or independently. 

Transport is  provided to nearby venues to paint in addition to working space in the centre and in the Maison Quaker garden.

Kate will be with us from Saturday evening to Friday morning. The other 4 days are optional and can be used for continuing projects or sightseeing.


Our facilitator is Kate Hale, who also has had a career in teaching art to adults and children, including working with communities to create group pieces. She also uses a range of media including mosaic, willow and fabric as well as painting and drawing. Kate continues to work as an artist and educator in the UK.

Cost: The programme cost will be 695€ (575€ for shared occupancy) and includes 6 nights’ accommodation, all meals and transportation to local painting spots. Additional days are 92€ (68€ shared) per day. See flyer for more detailed information.

To register, contact Nick or Marie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All are welcome


To download a printable brochure click here 





We invite you to join us for 5-10 days of musical exploration to lift your spirits and make new friends at Maison Quaker.

Language of Programme: English


Maison Quaker
11 avenue des Quakers
30111 Congénies


For bookings:

Please contact the resident Friends at
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